Water Safety Whilst Hiking or Camping

Whether your going on a 10 day epic hike or a short two hour day walk, having water to drink is vital. If its a short walk, sure you’ll be able to take enough with you. But have you ever thought about treating water you collect from a river, stream, lake or campsite water catchment? Have you ever thought what might be lurking in the water, even if it looks pristine dangerous water borne parasites could be lurking! Why it is important to treat untreated water – Boil, Tablet, Filter, RISK IT?


It’s not just the pure heat of boiling water that eliminates bacteria and parasites; its also the duration of time it is kept at the boil for. Water starts to boil at 100 degrees centigrade.
Bring water to boil, for a minimum of 15 minute’s. Let cool, and relish in the H2o.