Mt Featherop

Mt Feathertop: 1,922 mtrs tall Half way up
Where: Harrietville, Victoria.
When: 23 – 24 July 2013
No. of hikers: 2
No. of Days: 2

Mt feather top is the second tallest mountain in Victoria, shy by only 64 mtrs (Mt Bogong). Mt feather top is one of the many mts that towers over the Great Alpine Road.

We will be starting our hike out from Harrietville, the small town at the base of Mt Feather top. Nine up hill Km’s later we will reach Federation Hut. If the weather is kind we will camp on the Mt for the night, and have a crack at ascending the last part of the Mt in the morning.

Basic info

For everyone that hasn’t climbed Mt Feather top before, take into account that it is all virtually up hill, or should i say up mountain… It’s a calf burner. It has a easy to follow track, it may be a bit more confusing if it’s covered in snow, but still manageable.

Federation Hut is at the top (not on the summit) it’s a good place to take shelter in winter, it has a little fire place in it, perfect for taking the chill off the air and for drying your shoes and socks. You can sleep in it if you want, but just take into account that a lot of people cook their meals in there, so it may be noisy at times,  (especially if theres good snow fall, cross country skiers / snowboarders and mountaineers flock to it) always take a tent. There is also a rain water tank, but it does get frozen solid in the depths of winter.

It was a bit nippy

It was a bit nippy


The Hike

We just did a over night hike, with the plan of trying to ascend the summit on the second day before we went back down the Mt. Little did we know we were climbing it after the first proper snow fall, it was cold, there were icicles and the snow was knee deep in places. We didn’t end up ascending the summit, it was a tad to windy and icy, so we deemed it to much of a risk, we didn’t have any crampons or skies/ snow boards. It was still a great hike, with a full moon the night we camped in the hut.


Out side Federation Hut