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Welcome to Australian Hiking

Why Australian hiking?

I grew up hiking and fell in love with it. There are a few things I wish I knew when I started, what are some good hikes? What gear is appropriate for what weather? What’s some good food to take because eating 2 minute noodles gets repetitive quickly? How to make the experience more comfortable?

I have spent years learning the ups and downs of  hiking, all the while dragging along unsuspecting family members and friends. Australian Hiking is full of all the info I wish I had known.

If you have a cool hint or trick you want to share? Do not hesitate to contact us. Check out our cool new featureAsk for a Hike Report Simply fill out the contact form and if we are in the area of the hike you’ve requested we will hike it then write it.

Last hike on the hit list 

Mt Feathertop: 1,922 mtrs tall 
Where: Harrietville, Victoria.
When: 23 – 24  July 2013
No. of hikers: 2
No. of Days: 2

Mt feather top is the second tallest mountain in Victoria, shy by only 64 mtrs (Mt Bogong). Mt feather top is one of the many mts that towers over the Great Alpine Road.

We will be starting our hike out from Harrietville, the small town at the base of Mt Feather top. Nine up hill Km’s later we will reach Federation Hut. If the weather is kind we will camp on the Mt for the night, and have a crack at ascending the last part of the Mt in the morning.


Most Recent Day Walk

Hanging Rock
Where:  Newham and Hesket Victoria
When: 21st of July 2013

Hanging rock has a reputation of mystery and beauty ever since the rumor of three school girls disappearing out of thin air started to circulate back in the 1900′s.

I had never been to hanging rock before, but i had heard the stories, about people disappearing. Fog started to appear as we started to slowly climb up and around Hanging rock. The fog gave us poor visibility in parts, however it added to the ambiance at every turn.














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